We focus on e-Business/e-Commerce applications and the underlying technologies:

  • Project management, leadership and team working
    Management and marketing
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge needed to develop start-up businesses
  • Key skills on strategic decisions, regarding innovation and technology management,
  • Essential communication skills
  • Exercise practice-oriented teaching based on case studies and real-world examples
  • Skills related to data analysis and evaluation
  • Planning and time management

We specialize in the following areas:

  • e-Commerce

    Web analytics

    Digital marketing

  • Data Science

    Business Analytics

    Machine Learning

    Predicitive statistics

  • e-Government

    Meta-data standards (CPSV, CPOV, ESCO etc.)

    Standards and frameworks applied in e-Government for process re-engineering (e.g. BPMN, IMAPS)

    Frameworks and architectures (e.g. meta-data registries, EIF)

  • ICT management

    Project Management

    ICT systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)

    Web development (including mobile apps)


  • e-Learning

    Learning analyitcs

    Collaborative analytics

  • Mis-information

    Fake news

    Yellow journalism

    Effects on immigrants

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