Research Associate

Dr Ioannis Magnisalis

Currently I serve as a consultant and data scientist at European Commission. Some indicative tasks follow:

- Investigation on innovative technologies concerning machine learning and semantic web.

-Design the overall multi-cloud architecture of the EC platform Collaboration with major cloud vendors (e.g. Amazon. Microsoft) and consulting companies (e.g. Everis, Deloitte, PwC, Gartner).

-Selection of tools to be deployed towards EC data strategy (e.g. open source and commercial like KNIME analytics, RapidMiner, Tableau, QLIK, PowerBI etc.)

-Application of specialised analytical tools, including R, Python, SQL, and NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB) to analyse large datasets from surveys and big data. Examples are current work on Eurobarometer surveys and surveys arround Covid-19.  

I also specialize in metadata, semantic web, linked open data, and data analysis technological areas with emphasis on e-Learning and e-Government analytics. I collaborate as a research associate on e-Government R&D aspects with the Greek Open Source Software Organization (EL / LAK), the International University of Greece, and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. My interests focus on the appropriate use and expansion of interdisciplinary and business semantic standards (ESCO, CPSV, IMS, BPMN, etc.) with the aim of managing open, linked and big data in e-Government and education.

In the context of relevant European and Greek National projects, I contribute with expertise in projects (national and EU funded) on using IMAPS (Interoperability Maturity Assessment of a Public Service) tool. II also hold responsibility for creating specifications for deployment, management and the governance of the Greek Open Metadata Registry, according to European and international standards (e.g. DCAT, ESCO, CPSV, CPOV etc.). 

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