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Consultancy with Fraunhofer

The International Hellenic University (IHU) will support Fraunhofer FIT in the establishment of a new department called “Knowledge Pipelines”. Amongst others, this new department will create the basis for industry and government projects to benefit from the integration of Fraunhofer—owned as well as third parties technologies. IHU will explicitly elaborate a study/concept for the establishment and operation of a Fraunhofer FIT Group: “Open Gov~ ernment and Public Sector Innovation”. The group is intended to work, amongst others, in the area of open and linked data, semantic web methods and standards.

The written concept to be elaborated by IHU“ shalloonsider that a group “Open Government and Public Sector Innovation“ must be able to leverage and exploit results in a broad set of areas related to the modernisation of public administrations through the use of state—of—art technologies. This includes the fields of open and linked government data, big data, use of social software, the co~creation of public services, eParticipation, eDelivery, intelligent one stop shops and portals, interoperability by design, metadata, standards and corporate data, information, and knowledge management for the public sector. For achieving all the above, technologies such as semantic web, linked data, Internet of Things, distributed and cloud computing, BlockChain should be necessary.

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